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one wild pony watercolor painting by caroline linscott
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wild Pony Star Wants to Fly
Well after several weeks of conceiving and a few thumbnail's of  the idea I have completed the final  drawing. This really is exciting to finally be able to add color and texture to a flat piece of white watercolor paper and have this wild pony take on a personality all her own and if you will me please give me a little imagination "Wild Pony Star" may just FLY!!!
Now in your minds eye please see this pony looking back on her rump where  there sits a small  yellow bird. Remember that Star is her name and she really belongs soaring in the beautiful limitless sky. If only she had wings maybe just maybe she could fly, however she only has three painted feathers tied to her tail. She has always had stars surrounding her and envisions many paths she could take.
We all have things that hold us back from  reaching and obtaining our goals. The mind can let you break free or it can  bound you down with what we may perceive as real.
So it is that Miss Wild Pony is of many colors. You Know the colors she likes the ones that make her feel Strong and help make all things possible.
If not now, when?
The process of creating the wild series has opened my mind and imagination . It really has set a small part of me free. While I am still looking for an artistic balance of color and design the journey has allowed an unspeakable freedom of expression.
The thing  with a painting is to let the viewer unlock his mind and allow a brief moment in a hectic life, to pursue  a place where he can go to soar or even just to dream his own little  dream. For we really do have the God given  power to use our mind to alter reality. 
The trick is to keep looking and choose wisely the place we allow our minds to go. Now you will just have to wait to see "Wild Pony Star Wants to  Fly"  

Wild Pony Star Wants to Fly Original Watercolor by Caroline Linscott
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