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one wild pony watercolor painting by caroline linscott
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Watercolor, Life, and What Not
Tears of Passion Original Watercolor by Caroline Linscott Life sometimes bears an uncanny resemblance to watercolor in that you are not always in control. Sure there are certain steps and precautions you can take in both life and watercolor to encourage a certain outcome, but nothing is ever certain.

In watercolor, wherever you lay the water down on the watercolor paper is where the watercolor is going to run.  It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and fine tuning of technique to cultivate your watercolor the way you want it. And even still there may be some mishaps along the way to your watercolor masterpiece, much to the chagrin of your anticipated outcome. And it is this uncertainty that ad such wonder and romance to watercolor, and life for that matter. It is often the unplanned surprises that make life worth living.  And as often as you may try to control things, even in your watercolors, sometimes it’s better to let go a little and watch the magic that unfold. 
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Heavenly Deut
heavenly deut watercolor painting by caroline linscott
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A Passion for Painting

Art has been the template to my greatest life experiences. I am motivated and deeply inspired by the nature I find around me. I’ve learned to look deeply into my subject to discover the minute details that absolutely thrill me, so my viewers can also enjoy the beauty that by just glancing they would miss. I see far more than I am able to put onto paper, which keeps me passionate about my work, and inspires me to see more and paint more.

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